Agent Submission Bundle Review

Price: £150

When you submit your manuscript to literary agents, they usually request a 1-2 page synopsis, a query letter and the first three chapters of your work. It's rare for agents to ask for anything more or less, so the Agent Submission Bundle Review is your chance to treat Stand Corrected Editing like your dream literary agent. 

Send me these three documents to receive a constructive feedback report. This report will tell you what is great about your bundle while also focusing on how to improve to give you a better chance of attracting an agent.

The Agent Submission Bundle Review is ideal for writers who are about to query literary agents, or have already received multiple rejections and want a professional perspective. 

Get in touch with the first three chapters of your manuscript, your synopsis and your query letter and I will promptly send you an invoice. Payment must be paid before any work is done. 

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