Beta Reading

If you're not quite ready for professional editing and would like some constructive feedback on your work, Stand Corrected Editing is happy to beta read your manuscript for £50.00. This is a set fee for any genre and any length. 

Although no editing is involved in the beta reading service, a 3-4 page feedback report will be provided, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your work. 

Having your work beta read is a great way to obtain feedback before you fork out for professional editing or begin querying agents. 

Why should I pay for beta reading when I can find beta readers for free? 

You may have a queue of free beta readers lined up, however, I wish to offer you advice from a professional perspective as well as from the view of a standard reader. My opinion is by no means more important than others, but it's always helpful to gain tips from someone in the field.  


If you decide to have your manuscript professionally edited with Stand Corrected Editing after having it beta read, £30.00 will be deducted from the editing cost! 

Click on the button to get in touch and we can get started! 

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