Important Factors to Consider Before Hiring a Professional Editor!

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Since the launch of Stand Corrected Editing, I have worked with an abundance of amazing, talented writers. However, there have also been a select few who have not understood that I am only human with numerous tasks to complete, and therefore cannot always prioritise or return a 100,000-word manuscript in 2 weeks! These people (mentioning no names) have ignored that I cannot always prioritise; that it simply isn't possible to edit so much in such a short space of time, and that completing a thorough edit is time-consuming and requires 100% concentration.

For this reason, I would like to address these issues with a list of important factors to consider before hiring a professional editor, whether myself or another consultancy.

  1. If your manuscript is particularly long (over 80,000 - 100,000 words), please respect that it will likely take a good month or so to complete the edits, feedback report and so on, so please don't expect us to use superhuman powers to get it done in an unrealistic period of time.

  2. If your manuscript is a very first draft or is riddled with errors and structural issues, please be aware that it will likely take longer to edit than if it has been self-edited a few times or has been through an editing software.

  3. Editors don't always focus on one manuscript at a time, so unless you have discussed a specific turnaround time with your editor, please be patient and please don't assume or expect that your work is more important than anyone else's.

  4. How long did it take you to write your book? More than 2-3 weeks? If so, please don't expect an editor to polish your lengthy manuscript in an unrealistic time frame. It cannot be done.

  5. If you know you are working to a deadline, please give the editor of your choice plenty of time rather than demanding that they drop everything to meet your deadline. Please don't blame the editor if you have left things until the last minute.

  6. For an editor to do a decent, thorough edit, they cannot afford to rush! Besides, why would you want an editor to rush through your work?

I want to thank all of the lovely clients who have been a pleasure to work with since the launch of Stand Corrected Editing, but if you recognise yourself to be someone who throws orders at those who want to help you, please rethink your actions before hiring.

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