Learn How YOU Can Become a Successful Author! (Psst! It's not about the writing!)

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Well, if you do, this is where I can help you, because what you need right now is a little extra boost to help you get there!

  • A little extra boost that helps you become the best writer you can be

  • A little extra boost that causes you to attract your dream literary agent and land a life-changing book deal

  • A little extra boost that encourages people to buy your well-written novel

  • A little extra boost that makes people leave positive reviews so you can become as successful as the big authors!

So, what do most writers do?

You know how it is - they finish their book and skip every step designed to help them become a great writer...

  • Creative writing books

  • Recommended courses

  • Beta readers

  • Professional editors

...and they go and self-publish on Kindle Direct Publishing. They price their novel at £0.99 and they wonder why no one is buying their book.

They spend hours, weeks, even years trying to get someone to buy their pride and joy, because at this point, any reader is better than no readers, right?

Do you worry about falling into the same trap?

Let's face it, we all admire the famous authors who earn millions a year on one book alone *cough* Rowling *cough* King...but no matter how hard we try to perfect our manuscripts before querying agents or self-publishing, that little voice in our head tells us we'll never experience even a quarter of their success.

You worry you'll fail at the one thing you love.

I've been professionally editing manuscripts for just over a year now, and in that time (plus the three years I studied at university and the extra year I spent taking other courses), I have learnt what truly makes an author successful, whether they are represented by a literary agent or they self-publish.

Don't get me wrong, there are countless factors and specifics that increase an author's success rate, but these are the three basic things you need:

  1. An interesting idea and plot

  2. Great editing skills

  3. A solid marketing plan

This is the foundation of a successful writing career, and without it, you won't have an audience and your bank will remain empty.

You may wonder why "Good writing skills" isn't in the list above, but that's just it - you don't need to be a good writer to have a successful writing career.

This may sound really dumb, but hear me out.

Have you ever written a first draft you'd happily show to other people?

Have you ever written something you would publish without editing the crap out of it?

No? Me neither, and the same goes for all those big authors we all admire and envy.

The first draft is always rubbish and embarrassing, but that's because it's all about getting the ideas from our head to the paper. It doesn't matter how gripping or well-written the story is at this stage because no one is going to read it!

The editing stage is when you create your masterpiece.

But how do I develop my editing skills to help me become a better writer?

Well, it's time to learn from the people who have succeeded before you, and the ones who know what they're talking about.

You may not have the time to read a pile of books that claim to teach you how to excel at creative writing, and you may be unsure of which articles to trust when it comes to the writing process, so what about an online course?

Before you reject this suggestion and remove this article from your life, just take a minute to think about just how powerful courses are and how much they benefit so many people, whether they're online or held at a university.

If I hadn't gone to university and completed my three-year English degree, I wouldn't have broadened my knowledge of the literary world.

And if I hadn't taken a bunch of online courses that focus on creative writing, editing, proofreading, blogging, business and marketing, I wouldn't be a professional editor with a growing blog and the knowledge of how to become a successful author.

Trust me, my career would never have worked without those online courses as well as my degree.

But how will an online course actually help me?

Well, if you're serious about your writing career and you're willing to do anything to succeed as an author, taking an online course in editing will strengthen your creative ability and help you do the following things:

  • Win writing competitions

  • Attract a literary agent and land a book deal

  • Gain a loyal audience if you choose to self-publish

  • Build trust so readers return for more

  • Develop a fan base

  • Receive positive reviews without asking for them

  • Make money from your books

  • Earn a living from your writing

  • Become successful as an author

I really want to do these things!

Let me ask you a question: when you have finished writing your manuscript, what do you do next?

Can I guess that you proceed to edit the crap out of it?

Self-editing is what many writers do when they have finished writing their manuscript. Some leave it a few weeks before revisiting their work, and others start editing straight away. But either way, what are they looking for? What are they actually editing?

Most writers read through their work until they find the odd clunky sentence or a typo, but editing a manuscript to submission level is much more than spotting a few grammatical errors.

The key to writing a great novel and becoming a successful author isn't about the writing stage, and it isn't about waiting for the errors to jump off the page, you have to delve into your manuscript and seek them out.

So, you need an editing strategy.

You need to know what you're looking for when you edit your manuscript, and you need to know how to fix the ugly parts when you have found them.

But how do I create an editing strategy?

Well, my friend, as you have stuck with me this far, I'm not going to leave you to create one on your own.

I have created one just for you! But first, I want to let you in on a little secret...

I was just like you.

I launched Stand Corrected Editing just over a year ago in a world where professional editors and big literary consultancies are everywhere.

I started out with a website, a new social media presence, and about four blog posts that weren't really targeted at anyone, but within the first month of putting myself out into the professional world, I got my first client (who has just published the book I edited!!)

After I finished editing her amazing manuscript, she left this review:

I was stunned and I shed many happy tears...to be considered better than an agency or publishing house was phenomenal and I still can't quite believe it even now!

As the months flew by, I received more and more clients and more positive reviews. Some left kind words on my Google Business page, and others sent me a lovely thank you message via email.

After one year of nothing but work and minimal breaks, I now rank number 1 on Google in my county! I rank higher than Cornerstones - one of the biggest literary consultancies in the world!

And can you guess why I rank number 1 on Google in my county?

Because of courses.

I wouldn't be where I am now if it weren't for the courses I completed before I launched Stand Corrected Editing.

So, how can you succeed like I have in a short amount of time?

How can you truly get your manuscript ready for querying agents or self-publishing?

What is your editing strategy?

Introducing the Become a Pro at Copy Editing course!

The only way to make your novel stand out from the rest and earn a decent income!

I want to become a pro at copy editing!

Hang on, though.

Before you click off this article and forget everything I have said, do you know the true meaning of copy editing, and do you understand what copy editing involves?

If not, here is a little checklist that highlights what a copy editor looks for:


  • Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, punctuation misplacement, and typos.

  • Incorrect homophones such as weather and whether, farther and further, or there, they’re and there.

  • Clunky, lengthy or over-complicated sentences.

  • Inappropriate or offensive words and phrases (unless using this type of language is relevant to your character or plot.)


  • The consistency of spelling (UK versus US spelling), capitalisation, numbering, and font.

  • The consistency of the plot, setting, and characterisation.

  • The consistency of your writing style, character voice, and tone.


  • Possible plagiarism or copyright infringement (if you haven’t actively copied another author, you will most likely be fine, but make sure you check to be safe.)

  • Facts and statistics – if you have used any within your fiction novel, especially if you are writing in the historical genre, make sure everything is correct and accurate.


  • Transitions, such as time jumps, scene changes, location changes, flashbacks, and visions – a copy editor will ensure they are correctly paragraphed.

  • The order of your chapters, and how relevant your chapter titles are to your text.

Ultimately, there are two ways you can become a successful author:

1. Continue alone: Waste so many hours trying to learn how to attract literary agents, how to succeed as an indie author, and how to make your manuscript as perfect as possible, but then end up wasting your money on the wrong tools and courses, get overwhelmed and burnt out immediately and begin to doubt that becoming a successful author is even possible.

2. Take a proven shortcut that gives you everything you need to know about how to edit your manuscript to perfection: The Become a Pro at Copy Editing course gives you 6 in-depth modules that pinpoint the areas you need to focus on when polishing your novel, and how to fix them effectively.

With the right course, it's absolutely possible to achieve your dream of being a successful author!

You may be on the verge of giving up, and I understand that feeling, but today is not the day, fellow writer!

This course gives you exactly what you need to prepare your amazing book for literary agents or self-publication.

I'm ready to start the course!

When you sign up for the Become a Pro at Copy Editing course, here's what you get:

  • Access to a free preview before you start

  • 6 in-depth modules

  • 2 exclusive PDFs

  • Lifetime access with updates for free

  • A certificate upon completion

Course Outline


  • Introduction

  • What is Copy Editing?

  • The Difference Between Copy Editing, Line Editing and Proofreading

  • Introductory Assessment (don't worry, you'll be fine!)

Module 1: New Lines, Paragraphs and Scene Breaks

  • Beginning New Lines and Paragraphs

  • Dialogue

  • Writing Narration After Dialogue

  • Flashbacks and Visions

  • Letters, Emails and SMS

  • Single-line Paragraphs

  • Inserting Scene Breaks

  • Creative Assignment

Module 2: Show vs Tell

  • Introduction

  • Adverbs

  • Describing a Character's Appearance

  • Writing Character Expressions and Reactions

  • Showing and Describing a Character's Emotions

  • Creating an Atmosphere

  • Atmosphere and Character Feelings

  • Describing the Weather

Module 3: Grammar

  • Passive vs Active Voice

  • Common Grammar Mistakes (exclusive PDF that highlights 45 of the most common grammar mistakes while teaching you how to avoid them!)

Module 4: Punctuation

  • Perfect Punctuation PDF (exclusive PDF that teaches you how to correctly use each punctuation mark with the use of examples!)

Module 5: Consistency

  • Introduction

  • Writing Style Consistency

  • Tense Consistency

  • Capitalisation Consistency

  • Spelling Consistency

  • Date and Number Consistency

  • Assignment

Module 6: Clarity

  • Repetition

  • Lengthy Sentences Introduction

  • Lengthy Sentences: Example 1

  • Lengthy Sentences: Example 2

Enrol on the Become a Pro at Copy Editing course today!

No risk, no questions asked money back guarantee!

So, who is teaching the course?

Real Advice. Real Solutions.

Real Editor.

Brought to you by Chelsea (that's me!), the owner and editor at Stand Corrected Editing.

Stand Corrected Editing is my independent literary consultancy in the UK, which I launched in the cosy autumn of 2019. Many writers worldwide send their manuscripts to agents in the hope of representation, but just as many face countless rejections and are left without the knowledge of what is going wrong.

My goal is to help all sorts of writers achieve their dream of becoming a published author, and to do this, I offer a range of editorial services designed to polish and perfect your manuscripts so they are ready for the world to see.

Become a Pro at Copy Editing Today!

What are you waiting for?



Hey! I'm Chelsea and I'm the book editor and proofreader at Stand Corrected Editing, my independent literary consultancy in the UK. I help passionate writers and authors to get their novels ready for literary agents or self-publishing.

In weekly blog posts, online courses and daily Instagram posts, I hope to spread my knowledge and expertise on how to make your novel a success, and be a mentor to others who desperately want to pursue a fruitful career as an author!

Let me ask you something...

  • Do you seriously want to pursue your passion of writing and publishing books people actually want to read?

  • Are you currently planning, writing, or editing your manuscript?

  • Are you ready to become a successful author?

Well then, you've come to the right place!

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