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Only £0.0058/65 for a thorough copy/line edit & £0.0054 for a proofread at Stand Corrected Editing!

  • Experience editing fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, romance, women's fiction, contemporary fiction, crime, thriller, memoirs and non-fiction? CHECK!

  • Experience as a writer who understands the demand for affordability and quality? CHECK!

  • Qualified to edit your manuscripts? CHECK!

  • Happy to work to your deadlines, providing they are reasonable? CHECK!

Take a look at my estimated turnaround times below:

  • 2 weeks to complete up to 30,000 words.

  • 4 weeks to complete up to 50,000 words.

  • 6 weeks to complete up to 70,000 words.

  • 8 weeks to complete up to 100,000 words.

Have a manuscript that will definitely take longer? Get in touch and we can discuss a deadline that meets your needs! :)

Have a shorter manuscript, such as a short story, a children's picture book or an eBook? Amazing! I can complete up to 6000 words in 24 hours!

I absolutely understand that communication is key when you hire an editor. You want someone you can talk to about the good, the bad and the ugly, which is why I always add comments and suggestions to your manuscript and provide you with an editorial feedback report at no extra cost! :D

Need more than just an editor? Perhaps an illustrator, a character coach or a book cover designer? Well, I know a few who would be more than happy to help you, so please don't hesitate to ask for more information!

What you get from me at Stand Corrected Editing

I'll go through your manuscript line by line and thoroughly check for issues within your clarity, consistency, descriptions, flow, mood & tone, paragraphs, factual accuracy, syntax, grammar, punctuation, spelling and typos, which will leave you with a fully-polished manuscript that is ready for literary agents or self-publication (whoop!).

You'll get helpful feedback where you need it, and suggestions on how certain parts of your work could be stronger!

Please don't risk missing out on exciting book sales and loyal readers over typos and errors that can easily be fixed! If you're serious about becoming a successful author, your novel needs to be edited and proofread by a professional before you can go ahead and query or self-publish!

If you would like me to provide a free sample, I am happy to edit the first 10 pages of your work for FREE to see if you like my editing style.

If you opt for Stand Corrected Editing, my independent literary consultancy, you will also receive FREE book promotion once your novel has been published!

On board? :D

Check out my editorial packages here to read more information regarding specific details and prices!



Hey! I'm Chelsea and I'm the book editor and proofreader at Stand Corrected Editing, my independent literary consultancy in the UK. I help passionate writers and authors to get their novels ready for literary agents or self-publishing.

In weekly blog posts, online courses and daily Instagram posts, I hope to spread my knowledge and expertise on how to make your novel a success, and be a mentor to others who desperately want to pursue a fruitful career as an author!

Let me ask you something...

  • Do you seriously want to pursue your passion of writing and publishing books people actually want to read?

  • Are you currently planning, writing, or editing your manuscript?

  • Are you ready to become a successful author?

Well then, you've come to the right place!

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